March 13, 2019

What is Wholesale Selling?

For many businesses, Wholesale selling can be something great, where they create products in bulk and then let other companies and stories handle the selling. For example, let’s say that you have a business selling wine bottles. Rather than selling the wine bottles one by one, you could sell them in bulk to a glassware company, who would promote them and give you a cut of the revenue.

This can be a major step forward for any business, especially if they are selling a niche product. Why would you want to carve out your own spot in your niche, when you can partner with someone who already has an audience in the niche? You’ll be making big orders and getting your work promoted at the same time, that way customers can come to you.

It can also benefit the company too, as they get a percentage of the profit as well. So, if your products sell very well, they will continue to order from you and keep constant paychecks following in. Wholesale orders, which are typically in bulk, will also force you to think about ways to streamline the process in order to keep up with demand. Do you need to hire more help, get materials at a better price, or change your working hours to fit the large orders? These questions will be answered when wholesale orders start coming in.

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What can be sold wholesale?

Any product that can be made and sold in bulk is eligible for wholesale, and this includes selling wine bottles wholesale, as well as things like jewelry, pottery, food, and clothing. Look around at any store in your area and see what they are selling. Does your product fit in that niche? Could you see it fitting nicely into the store?

Depending on what is in your area, you could find a lot of wholesale options for your product or only a few, but you should be able to find something. Then contact the store and ask if they want to carry your product.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to sell your items at lower prices, so it’s a good idea to research other whole sellers and see what they are doing too. The only reason that a store would take your product would be so they could make a profit too, so expect to sell low but also to sell in bulk. The prices all even out after a while, so both you and the store can make a good profit, after all, is said and done.

Deciding if wholesale is right for you

You’ll need to make sure that going wholesale is right for you, and your business. If you are having trouble succeeding in your niche but see others succeeding, then you might need to reach out to them and make a partnership. It will take more work and some adjusting of prices, but you’ll eventually reach more customers and make more sales by selling wholesale.