April 12, 2019

The Adventures of Bull Riding

Bull riding certainly isn’t an activity that everyone appreciates, but for many, it’s the adrenaline-pumping adventure that fills their life with happiness. Don’t expect to earn the big bucks as a bull rider. Only the best of the best earn lucrative money riding bulls.  However, once you reach PBR levels, you can earn well into the millions in this sport. Even owning a bull used in the PBR can land you a cool couple mill. Nonetheless, for anyone who appreciates the rodeo and challenging themselves, it is an experience of a lifetime.

bull riding chaps

What You’ll Need to Start Bull Riding

A variety of equipment is needed to ride bulls and you should never attempt the sport without each of these items in place. This includes bull riding chaps, bull ropes, bull riding boots, spurs, and other items. Be sure to purchase quality items whatever you’re in the market to buy. Bull riding can be a dangerous sport; quality matters.

Common Bull Riding Injuries

Bull riding is a fantastic hobby and sport that includes frequent injuries. Bull riding injuries are common. Fractures seem to occur more frequently than other types of injuries.  Concussions and facial injuries are also common injuries experienced by bull riders. Due to the risks of these injuries, it is important that you always protect yourself when riding a bull.

Why Do People Ride Bulls?

Bull riding is a sport and hobby that people enjoy participating in as well as watching. It is a challenge, but an overwhelmingly amazing feeling to know that you’ve conquered an angry bull. Fans enjoy seeing bull riders who are up for this challenge. And, of course, there is money in this sport to be made when you learn how to bull ride with the best of them!