April 12, 2019

Picking a Combination for a Safe

So, you have a safe. Whether you are using it to secure your jewelry, your guns, your documents, or your vintage collectables, it probably either has a key or a combination lock. Combination locks are a bit safer than a traditional lock and key, because they take significantly more time to open. Plus, you don’t ever have to worry about losing the combination.

However, the combination needs to be thought out, because simply typing in 1234 or 5555 won’t delay a would-be thief for long. For most thieves, timing is everything, and the longer they have to fiddle with the safe, the greater their chances of getting caught. A strong combination means that thieves are more likely to give up.

What should your combo be?

For your combination, it needs to be something you haven’t used anywhere else, and it also needs to be something personal to you. Think of something personal, something that no one else knows about, and assign numbers to it. For example, let’s say you love your cat Cinnamon, and got her in April at one o’clock.

Start picking numbers

Cinnamon starts with the third letter of the alphabet, April is the 4th month, 1 is the time you got her, and since she’s a female cat we can assign her the number 2. 3412 could be your code for your safes for home valuables, and not a lot of people would make that their first guess. It might seem a little silly, assigning numbers to a life event, but it will keep you safe.

safes for home valuables

Take your time and put some thought into it, and you’ll come up with a code that is unique to you, and un-hackable to someone else. Then your valuables are kept safe and you’ll always have a way to remember the code no matter what.